Bathroom Renovations For Seniors: 7 Things You Need To Consider

Bathroom Renovations For Seniors: 7 Things You Need To Consider

If you’re thinking about bathroom renovations for seniors, there are a few key things you need to take into consideration. No matter what stage of life they’re at, planning ahead for any changes in lifestyle and mobility will help your bathroom renovations stand the test of time.

Here are 7 things you need to consider when you’re undertaking bathroom renovations for seniors.


1. Ground Floor

If the home is a two-storey, ideally you would want a bathroom on the ground floor. With mobility often becoming an issue later in life, making sure the ground floor of your home is fully functional and accessible is very important.

If there isn’t already a full bathroom on the ground floor, consider bathroom renovations that could turn a smaller room into a bathroom or ensuite for a bedroom.


2. Grab Bars

Grab bars are very useful in bathrooms for the elderly.

These can be added to the walls or units beside the toilet and in the shower or bath. They will make it easier for elderly users to pull themselves up or sit themselves down, minimising the risk of falling.


3. Shower Seat

Showers can be particularly hazardous for seniors. Installing a shower seat allows them to continue to use their shower in a safe way.

They can usually be folded up to tuck out of the way as well, if there are other family members using the bathroom as well.


4. Anti-Slip Bathroom Accessories

There are a host of anti-slip bathroom accessories to consider when undertaking bathroom renovations for seniors.

The simplest to add are non-slip mats and stickers which can be added on the base of the shower or bath to create more grip.

For more permanent anti-slip functionality, ask our plumber in Duncraig about anti-slip tiles.


5. Easy Turning Taps

Taps are another thing to consider when it comes to bathroom renovations for seniors.

Taps can become difficult to turn off and on fully to everyday use and wear and tear.

Mixer taps and lever taps are ideal for seniors as they are much easier to use.


6. Walk-In Bath

If a bath is a necessity, you could opt for installing a walk-in bath. Make sure you choose one that is good quality as you don’t want to be experiencing any leaks with a walk-in bath!


7. Storage With Drawers 

Drawers are much more user-friendly than cupboards.

No more bending down and scrounging about at the back of a cupboard to find something. Drawers are a much better use of space and make it much easier to organise and find things when you need them.


Do you need help with your bathroom renovations for seniors? Our plumbers in Perth can help you renovate the perfect bathroom for your needs, now and in the future. Call us today for a free quote.

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