5 Simple Ways To Avoid Toilet Clogs

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Toilet Clogs

Let’s face it – the last thing you want to find in your bathroom is a blocked toilet. There are, however, some super simple things you can do to ensure your toilet stays unblocked. Our Perth plumbers share 5 simple ways to avoid toilet clogs.



 1. Don’t Put Non-Flushable Items In Your Toilet

This is the golden rule of all toilets – never, ever flush something non-flushable down your toilet. This is the leading cause of toilet clogs and the number one reason our plumbers get called out when someone has a blocked toilet.

You may think things like ‘flushable’ wipes are OK, given their name, but even these are not good for your toilet and drains.

The best thing you can do to avoid toilet clogs is stick to flushing only toilet paper down your toilet.


2. Don’t Use Excessive Amounts Of Toilet Paper

 While you can flush toilet paper down your toilet, it’s good to minimise the amount of paper you use with each flush.

Besides being bad for the environment, and costing you more, the chances of your toilet getting clogged from excessive paper use is pretty high. Only use what you really need to use with each visit.

If you’re on a mission to save water, like many others today, and you purposely don’t flush every time you visit the loo, don’t leave it too long before flushing as paper build up can easily lead to a toilet blockage too.


 3. Teach Your Children About Bathroom Etiquette

 Following on from the first two tips, one of the most important things you can do is educate your children on toilet care.

If you have kids, you’ll know that they can get up to mischief. Flushing things down the toilet can seem like something super fun to do, so make sure they know that the only thing they can flush down the loo is toilet paper.

Also teach them how much toilet paper is appropriate to use. We’ve all been there – you wander into the bathroom to check on your child, only to find them sitting on the loo, the toilet chock-full of loo paper and a big grin on their face!


 4. Invest In A Decent Plunger

If you want to avoid toilet clogs, but still want to be prepared if it happens, invest in a good plunger and a toilet auger. Most blockages can be fixed within minutes with proper equipment and if attended to straight away.

As soon as you see the toilet is blocked or won’t flush, use your plunger to try and remove the clog. If a plunger alone isn’t clearing the blockage, a toilet auger can help to loosen the blockage. It will either push the blockage further along the pipe to clear it, or bring it back up into the toilet bowl where you can remove it.


 5. Fix Any Leaks Or Issues Immediately

 As soon as you notice anything unusual about your toilet, investigate it immediately.

If you can’t see what the source of the problem is – whether it’s a blockage, leak, constant dripping or anything else – it’s time to call in a residential plumber in Perth who can help you locate the cause of the issue and rectify it.

The sooner problems are attended to, the smaller they are to fix and therefore cheaper too. Don’t wait too long and end up with a much bigger problem than you started with.


Our reliable plumbers in Duncraig cover everywhere, from Joondalup to Rockingham. If you’ve got a blocked toilet, leaky taps or any other residential plumbing problem, give us a call today on 0451 781 384 or get in touch online for a free quote.

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