7 Easy Ways To Save Water At Home

7 Easy Ways To Save Water At Home

Here at Perth-Fection Plumbing, we hate seeing water wasted so our plumbers in Perth share 7 easy ways that you can save water at home.

We all know that we should save more water at home. In fact, many Australians are already taking small (or big!) steps to ensure they minimise your water use or wastage, which is not only good news for your pocket but the environment as well.

7 Easy Ways To Save Water At Home


Add A Water Saver To Your Toilet

One of the easiest ways you can save water is to add a water saver to your toilet cistern. Ideally every household should install low flush toilets but we understand it can be expensive to replace entire toilets.

That’s why adding a water saver to your toilet cistern is a cheap and simple way to save money with every flush.


Fix Leaks

As soon as you notice a leak, get it fixed! Don’t let taps drip for weeks until it annoys you. Every drop adds up and getting leaks attended to as soon as they start will save you both money and water.


Water Your Garden In The Evenings

One of the simplest tips for saving water in the garden is to water your garden in the evening. During the summer months you’re usually limited to watering your garden before 9am or after 6pm.

Always pick evening watering times. This allows all the water to be absorbed overnight when the weather is cooler.

Watering your garden in the morning in summer means that some of the water will evaporate before it has a chance to be soaked up by your grass and plants, so it is effectively wasted.


Take Shorter Showers

Simple, yet important: take shorter showers. Most of us think we shower quickly, but next time you hop in the shower, set a timer and you’ll see just how long you really take.

Reduce your showering time by a minute and you can shave litres off your usage. If you have an older showerhead, it may be using as much as 15-20 litres of water per minute. Times that by the number of people in your house and that’s a lot of water each day you could be saving.


Cover Your Pool

Adding a cover to your swimming pool will help to prevent water wastage through evaporation.

Not only will this reduce your water usage (as you won’t need to top up your pool as much), but it will keep your pool warmer without having to use any other form of energy and also minimise algae growth.


Get A Rainwater Tank

Install a rainwater tank and collect rainwater which can be used to water your garden. You can even hook it up to use as grey water for flushing your toilets.


Fill Your Dishwasher

Don’t run your dishwasher until it’s full. It will reduce your water and electricity usage – saving your wallet on two bills!

And always check the water usage on dishwashers before you buy them.


If you want to make some bigger changes to your water usage through an eco-friendly bathroom renovation or laundry renovation, speak to our plumbers in Duncraig today.

We can help you create the perfect bathroom, laundry or kitchen that doesn’t just look amazing, but is easy on the environment too. Contact us online now or call our Perth plumber on 0451 781 384.

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