How To Design The Perfect Small Bathroom

How To Design The Perfect Small Bathroom

Designing the perfect small bathroom can be a challenge. You might think it’s easier as you have less space to think about but when you’re trying to incorporate all your desired elements into a small space, you may discover it’s really not that simple. Here are some top tips from our plumbers in Perth on how to design the perfect small bathroom.


How To Design The Perfect Small Bathroom


Floating Vanity

Choosing a floating vanity unit helps create the illusion of more space. By not connecting the vanity with the floor, it makes your small bathroom appear bigger.


Large Mirror

Instead of adding a small mirror to your small bathroom, consider adding a large mirror that runs along the whole vanity. Alternatively, if your bathroom is really small, you could run a larger mirror along a whole wall to make it feel like the room is twice as big than it actually is.


Glass Shower Doors

Another way to create the illusion that your bathroom has more space is to install glass shower doors instead of opaque ones or using a shower curtain. Being able to see all the way through the shower will help to make a small bathroom feel bigger.


Towel Rail

To save wall space, add your towel rail or hook directly onto the shower door. It keeps your towel right where you need it and saves valuable wall space.


Wall Mounted Taps

By mounting your taps in the wall, instead of your basin, it takes up less space on your basin and vanity unit. It also looks pretty cool!


Forget The Double Sink

You may have your heart set on double sinks but they will take up heaps of space. Installing one large basin or trough-style sink that is mounted on the wall, you can save lots of space and still have a trendy yet functional bathroom.


Matching Tiles

Instead of choosing different tiles for the floor of your shower and the floor, carry the same tile throughout the flooring. It doesn’t break up the flow of your bathroom and makes your space appear bigger.


Creative Storage

Get creative with your storage solutions! There are so many clever ways to incorporate storage in a small bathroom these days.

Add recesses in your shower wall or around your bath for your toiletries to save them being on the floor or sticking out on a shelf.

Add drawers in your vanity instead of shelves to use your space more effectively.

Use towel hooks instead of rails that take up more space than they really need.


If you’re wondering how to design the perfect small bathroom, speak to our plumbers in Duncraig at Perth-Fection Plumbing today.

We can help you make the most of the space you have by incorporating clever design features that will make your small bathroom both functional and beautiful. Call us now on 0451 781 384 or contact us online and we’ll be in touch soon!

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