How To Clean Your Bathroom Grout Effectively

How To Clean Your Bathroom Grout Effectively

If there is one thing that most people hate cleaning at home, it’s their tile grout. With many Australian homes having not only tiled bathrooms and laundries but expansive flooring too, there can be a lot of tile grout to keep clean. Here are our top tips on how to clean your bathroom grout effectively.


How To Clean Your Bathroom Grout Effectively


Grout Cleaner

The easiest thing to use to clean your bathroom grout effectively is a grout cleaner. You can pick this up at your local Bunnings or hardware store.

Make sure the area is clean and free from any dirt or dust. Wipe the area down first, and if it is a floor surface, give it a sweep and a mop to ensure it is completely clean.

Apply the grout cleaner following the instructions on your chosen grout cleaner. Use appropriate safety precautions such as gloves, eye protection and a ventilation mask if needed.

Leave it to sink in for a few minutes (or longer if the staining is particularly bad).

Using a heavy duty scrubbing brush, apply warm water to the brush and scrub the grout until it is back to its original state.


Household Cleaners

Some people swear by other household products like bleach, Jif and Gumption. We recommend checking with your local plumber before applying any products to your tiles and grout. Some products can actually cause more damage and result in the grout breaking down and coming loose.


Homemade Grout Cleaning Alternatives

If you prefer to go the homemade route there are some simple home solutions you can try. Vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda is a chemical free grout cleaner but may be less effective depending on how stained your grout is.

Another homemade alternative is hydrogen peroxide mixed with bicarbonate of soda. Make a paste, spread it onto the grout and leave for a few minutes before wiping clean with warm water.


Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner can help to lift dirt from your tile grout but if the dirt is embedded thoroughly, you may not be 100% successful in cleaning the grout effectively.


Call A Plumber In Perth

If you can’t get your tile grout clean, or just don’t have the time or energy to DIY, call our licensed plumbers in Duncraig who can do the job for you. We can get your tiles and tile grout cleaned and looking brand new.

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