3 Signs Your Drains Are Becoming Blocked

3 Signs Your Drains Are Becoming Blocked

Blocked drains are no fun at all. When your drains are blocked, suddenly you realise how important they are. You can’t drain your sinks, bath, or shower in your bathroom or laundry, and in your kitchen, you can’t rinse or wash dishes.

Detecting a build-up when it comes to drain blockages before they become completely blocked can save you both money and time.

Here are 3 signs your drains are becoming blocked and how to stop them from becoming completely blocked.


Sign #1 -Bad Smell

Can you smell something unusual? Something not so pleasant?

Is it coming from your sink or drains?

If you can smell something unusual in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, and it isn’t a good smell, chances are there is some waste stuck somewhere along the pipes that is decaying.

As it decays the smell will travel up the drain and into your home.


Sign #2 – Strange Noises

Next time you pull out a plug in a sink or your bath, listen to how the draining water sounds.

If the water doesn’t flow smoothly, and you hear weird, gurgling noises, there may be a blockage starting to build up along the pipes.


Sign #3 – Slow Drainage

Slow-flowing water is another key sign that your drains are becoming blocked.

You may notice it in the shower if the water is pooling at your feet and creating a mini-paddling pool.

You might also notice it if your taps are running or you’ve pulled the plug in your sink and the water doesn’t flow away as quickly as it usually does.


How To Avoid Blocked Drains

Using a high-grade drain cleaner on a regular basis can help to break down any blockages that may be starting to develop. You can buy a wide variety of different drain cleaners – they most commonly come in liquid, gel and crystal forms.

Read the instructions carefully if using drain cleaning products and always keep these safely out of reach of children and pets.

Clean your drains every so often as well. One of the problem areas our plumbers in Perth often see when it comes to blocked drains is the shower. This is because hair gets stuck in the waste trap and is not emptied frequently.

If you don’t have a waste trap in your shower, you can pick one up at your local DIY store and either install it yourself or get a plumber to do it for you. If you have a waste trap, empty it once a week – it won’t be as disgusting if you empty it regularly!


If your drains are blocked, and you can’t face trying to unblock them yourself, get in touch with our plumbers in Duncraig today.

We handle it all – from blocked drains and leaky taps to full bathroom and laundry renovations in Perth.

Call us on 0451 781 384 today for a free quote.

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