14 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Small Bathrooms

14 Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Are you struggling to find bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms?

When it comes to small bathrooms, bathroom renovations can be tricky to plan and execute well.

If space is tight, every centimetre counts so getting your reno design right is crucial.


Here are 14 of our favourite bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms.


1. Design That’s Functional

When you’re renovating a small bathroom, every element of your design not only needs to look good but also needs to be functional.

Don’t add anything that doesn’t serve a valid purpose in the room. Decorative jars should be used to store everyday bathroom essentials like cotton wool balls or makeup wipes. Wicker baskets could be used as laundry hampers or towel storage.


2. Clever Storage

Leading on from functional design, build all your essential storage into your bathroom design.

Need a mirror? Make it a mirrored cabinet to include shelving for your bathroom essentials.

Can only fit a small vanity unit? Add a narrow floating shelf above the bathroom sink so your vanity doesn’t get clogged up with your toothbrushes, mouthwash, and other products.


3. Accessorize With Colour

Neutral bathrooms work best to create the illusion of more space than there really is, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be beige or boring.

Use essential items to accessorise with colour – towels, towel rails, tiles, countertops, cupboard doors or even handles and coloured taps can add that splash of colour to make your small bathroom pop.


4. Ditch The Bathtub

No room for a bath and a shower? Ditch the bath and go for a shower only.

Many people would rather have a shower than a bath if they had to choose between the two, plus you’ll save water as well!


5. Use Light To Create Space

Always use natural light to your advantage when renovating a small bathroom.

Keep windows where you can, or you could even look to add a window if you have the space.

If you need a mirror and haven’t got any space to hang it, place a mirror in front of a window for a naturally backlit mirror, and extra privacy too.


6. Opt For Wall-Mounted Taps

Taps mounted within bathroom basins or vanity units take up precious space in a small bathroom.

Consider installing wall-mounted taps which save space and give your bathroom renovation a modern feel.


7. Change Your Door

If a traditional door is impacting on your space inside the bathroom, you could do something bold and switch it to a sliding door.

It will save you heaps of dead space inside and add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your small bathroom.


8. Create An Illusion

Want to create the illusion of more space than you really have?

One of the best renovation ideas for small bathrooms is to include a floating vanity unit instead of one that is connected to the floor.


9. Rounded Edges

Like floating vanities, rounded edges also create a sense of more space, compared to square or sharp edges.


10. Recessed Shelves

Adding recessed shelves into the walls is a clever way to save space, create storage and make a visual statement within your small bathroom.

You can add these within the shower to house all your shower essentials, or above your vanity to create more storage space, or add candles or oil burners if you want your bathroom to have some ambiance.


11. Match Busy Floors With Neutral Walls

Choose a patterned tile for your floors and keep your walls neutral to make a statement in a small bathroom.


12. One Sink Is Better Than Two

Love the idea of his and hers sinks in your bathroom but just don’t have the space?

A trough sink or larger oval shape basin can give you the space you need to share without compromising on the space you have.


13. Towel Racks Above The Vanity

Install towel racks in clever places that would otherwise just be wasted space.

You could add them to the wall above your vanity, on the back of your door, or to the outside of your shower door.


14. Mirror Mirror 

Mirrors make everything seem bigger so adding mirrors to a small bathroom will help it seem bigger than it really is.

You could even opt for an entire mirrored wall for extra depth of feel.


And there you have it – our 14 top bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms.


We love renovating small bathrooms and giving them a new lease on life.

If you can’t figure out the best way to renovate your bathroom, chat with our plumbers in Perth and we’ll help you design a beautiful yet functional small bathroom.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote today!

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