The Pros And Cons Of Wet Room Bathrooms

The Pros And Cons Of Wet Room Bathrooms


If you’re considering bathroom renovations, you might be thinking about creating a wet room bathroom instead of a regular bathroom. Wet rooms are a modern style of bathroom and there is a definite trend of installing wet rooms for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at the pros and cons of wet room bathrooms to help you decide if a wet room is right for you.


What Is A Wet Room Bathroom?

A wet room bathroom has no enclosed shower. Instead, the shower head is placed in the room, and as there is no shower tray (and often no shower screen) the water drains away into the central drain of the bathroom.


The Cons Of A Wet Room Bathroom


Everything Gets Wet

There is no way to avoid this. Because there is no enclosed shower tray and screen, water will splash around the shower area. If you’re pedantic about things getting wet, a wet room probably isn’t for you.


More Waterproofing Needed

Because the area that’s going to get wet is far bigger than for a regular shower or bath, you’re going to have to invest in more extensive waterproofing treatments.


Costs Can Be Higher

A bathroom that’s going to get really wet is going to need some extra features – as mentioned before, extensive waterproofing is needed. Your room will also need to be tiled from floor to ceiling to keep the walls dry. All these extras can add up.


Less Scope To DIY

If you’re hoping to complete some of your bathroom renovations yourself, there are a few things we just don’t recommend you DIY. With wet rooms, the gradient of the floor and precise drainage is crucial. You need to be sure that the water will drain away easily and quickly, so as to avoid hazards and accidents in the wet room.


The Pros Of A Wet Room Bathroom


Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

If you have a small bathroom, a wet room bathroom can help you create a bathroom that appears to be bigger than it is. With less enclosed spaces taking up room, your line of sight flows right through, and with continuous flooring throughout the room, making your bathroom feel bigger.


Better use of space

If you want to make the most of the space in your bathroom, a wet room can allow you to create clever storage within your bathroom, without filling the room with shelving and units.


Good For Kids 

With fewer things to climb into or out of, a wet room can be a great idea for young families.


Good For People With Mobility Issues 

Wet room bathrooms are ideal for people with mobility issues. Because there is no shower tray area, it’s much easier to walk into the shower, or if you’re a wheelchair user, you can get in and out of the bathroom without any steps up or things to climb over.


Adds Value To Your Property

If you want to create a modern, practical home, a wet room can be a real selling point when it comes time to sell up and move on.


Extra Protection From Extended Waterproofing

Due to the extra waterproofing requirements, a wet room bathroom is usually much more heavily protected against damp conditions.


Key Considerations For Your Wet Room Bathroom


Drainage And Flooring Must Be Carefully Installed

Don’t scrimp on your flooring and drainage when it comes to designing and installing your wet room bathroom. These two elements are crucial and you cannot afford to get these wrong. Use a professional bathroom renovations expert in Perth to help you create the perfect wet room bathroom.


Electrical Restrictions

There needs to be a certain distance between power points and water sources. Check these carefully with your residential plumber in Perth before moving ahead with any bathroom renovations.


Choose Fixtures And Fittings Carefully

Making the most of your space in a wet room will help you create a beautiful yet functional bathroom. Choose your fixtures and fittings carefully – this will result in making sure your space is not only practical in terms of layout and storage but also aesthetically pleasing.


Our plumbers in Duncraig can help advise you on the best placement of fixtures and fittings in your new bathroom.

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