5 Key Features Every Great Laundry Needs

5 Key Features Every Great Laundry Needs

If you’re about to renovate your laundry, you’re probably thinking about what needs to go in it to make sure it works well and looks great too.

We want to share with you the 5 key features that every great laundry needs, according to our Perth plumbers who are laundry renovation specialists.


5 Key Features Every Great Laundry Needs


1. Enough Storage

The laundry is one room in the house where functionality is at the forefront of its design.

Making sure that everything has a place in your laundry is absolutely crucial for it to work well as a practical space.

Design your laundry in a way that you have enough storage for everything you need, whether it needs to be hidden away or in full view.

Custom designed cabinets are the perfect way to ensure that your laundry works well for you. You can add cupboards, drawers or shelves exactly where you want them and use any spaces that may be dead space otherwise.


2. Handy Sink

If you use your laundry room regularly, a sink can be a very handy feature you don’t want to exclude.

It’s useful if you need to rinse or soak items and doesn’t have to take up a lot of space either. Laundry sinks come in all shapes and sizes and our plumbers in Perth can help you find the perfect size sink for your laundry.


3. Hidden Ironing Board

Do you hate the hassle of getting your iron and ironing board out every time you need to iron your clothes?

Installing an in-built ironing board that’s tucked away not only saves you valuable space but also time and effort.

You could add it as a fold-down option hidden away in a cupboard or a pull-out option in a drawer.

It’s easy on the eye and the back!


4. Pull Out Clothesline

In Perth we’re blessed with long hot summers so when we hang out our laundry to dry outside, often it’s dry within minutes!

However, winters are a different story, being cool and fairly wet. If you don’t have (or don’t want) a tumble dryer, being able to hang your laundry inside to dry without taking up valuable floor space should be a consideration when it comes to planning your laundry renovation.

Traditional clothes dryers are bulky and flimsy – they’re hard to get around in a small space and one tap in the wrong place and the whole thing could end up as a wet laundry mess on the floor.

Adding a clothesline to your laundry is a great feature which means you can hang your laundry safely inside on a rainy day, without having to trip over it.


5. Laundry Sorting Station

As the laundry is such a practical room, incorporating some sort of system for your laundry needs should be considered when planning your laundry renovations.

It could be something as simple as different hampers for different stages of washing, different baskets for each member of the family, or having dedicated areas for sorting, folding and storage.

The choices when it comes to laundry organisation are endless!


And there you have it, 5 key features every great laundry needs.


Want to design a great laundry but no idea where to even start?

Speak to our laundry renovation specialists in Perth today, who can help you plan, design and install your dream laundry.

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